Thursday, September 4, 2008

Search Engine Optimization | SEO | Higher google ranking

Ah...yes. The art of obtaining a higher google ranking. You have a site. You are not being seen. You are not making money. Your product is solid, your google placement sucks. Why? You need to learn about search engine optimization, also known as SEO. Before you start a searching rampage on one of the search engines for SEO tips, do personal research. Obtain a stat counter of some sort and inbed this counter in your HTML coding for your site. Let this counter run for a week or so and see what kind of data you can gather. Discover the keywords that lead people to your site, see how many unique visitors you are getting, and analyze all the information you find. Are the people finding your website with the keywords you want them to use? Are people even visiting your site? This analysis will help you better understand the effectivness of your website and help you form your plan of attack...You may need to completely change up your site--code and everything. You may need to buy a new URL and upload pages to that domain. You may only need to make minor changes. First do your research, then comes SEO. So get on it!

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